At Home In The World is a wholly immersive 8 Day Family Retreat, for families who are ready to experience a more meaningful, fulfilling life together.

Just 8 Families
8 Days




Are you and your family ready to transform your lives?

  • It is for families who feel that their greatest potential for fulfilment could come from challenging themselves to look within.
  • It is for families who can sense that freedom begins when we are prepared to let go of all the security we place in staying the course, living "the dream", and buying into the false narratives of society that keep us entangled in playing a losing game that takes us away from our families.
  • It is for families who realise that it is time to embrace change and rid ourselves of the disconnecting behaviours that have required us to place jobs, careers, and societal norms before our own families and wellbeing.
  • It is for families who are prepared to invest wholly in the re-creation of a new type of family, one that despite the social conventions, lives, works, and thrives together!
  • With live sessions and personalised support.
  • Our complete, integrated learning program for children and adults alike.
  • The opportunity to connect and create with your new community of all our attending families.


  • We've all had enough of living in shallow waters and are seeking depth, but the prospect of changing things is still a little daunting.
  • I know we can do something different, something together, but I'm just not sure where to start.
  • We are longing to live a more meaningful and connected life together, but we're still getting stuck on how to balance the finances, jobs, the mortgage, our children, school and our relationships.
  • We need to find a way to live where we can all thrive.

At Home In The World Family Retreats may be the catalyst your family needs to relaunch your lives in 2023!

  • Something has changed. Since COVID19, I've been questioning many things. I often wonder how we can live without having to play by the rules of someone else's game.



This experience gave us the opportunity to take stock of our lives, who we really wanted to be. When we went home, we were inspired to create our own family business assisting families in Germany to live closer, more authentic lives.


You really saved my relationship with my daughter in a big way. I've been really deeply challenged. No one else is asking questions like this. You guys have tapped into something that is very special.


Personally we had never even considered doing a family retreat. The experience helped us realise we really had to find a way to live together, to be a team. The Intuition Game was very special!

This is an experience so worth doing!

We believe that if you found your way here, you're ready to take that first step to creating the life you have always envisioned living with your family. If you can't join us in person, then...

Take our 5 day journey towards coherence - FREE!

Learn more about how you can all benefit from being At Home In The World!

This is our invitation to YOU from the heart, to join us!


It's no mistake you're here!

Over the course of this 8 day, wholly-immersive, intimate, integrated retreat of fun, play and learning, our family will share with your family, a framework that has challenged and served us everyday of our lives for the last 12 years.



  • Challenge and empower you by taking you through our uniquely curated questioning and familial communication process: Why Questions, Not Answers, designed to help you establish an enhanced coherence to your family communications, and enable you to consistently ask the relevant and connected questions needed to relaunch your life.
  • Tap into your inner Superpower by playing The Intuition Game, a fun yet practical game and tool our family intentionally created for your family to be able to trust your inner-directional compass in all the key challenges and decisions in your life.
  • Guide you through our Familial Disentanglement Workshop, which will help you become aware of and integrate the debilitating effects of unseen intergenerational bonds, and the weights and traumas you have carried as a result of them.
  • Facilitate our own brand of Pro-Action Cafe, a highly energetic and exhilarating exercise that harnesses the potential of your collective perspectives and creativity as a family, to litmus test the soundness of the ideas and new inspirations you have gathered together during the course. Together, with the wisdom of your peer families, you will intuitively construct the motivational process and successive steps to bring these new visions to life with harmony and joy.
  • Provide you and your family with deeply present and wholehearted face-to-face support throughout the entirety of the retreat to keep you and your family focused, energised and at ease.

A renewed sense of direction, curiosity and clarity for what is possible as a family. A drive to re-focus on your journey together and utilise this new energy and momentum to empower yourselves with your own vision of what it means to be at home in the world, in a complete energetic counter to the close-minded and overwhelmingly oppressive barrage of society's fearful narratives.

The wisdom to see why asking challenging questions daily of ourselves, as opposed to seeking answers, will be one of the greatest catalysts for your own personal and familial transformation.

A set of tools and a framework for self-guided practice that you will all want to participate in together, daily in your journey as a family. These are hands-on practices, games and actions that will engage everyone, everyday, long after our time together in the retreat is done.

An awareness of the entanglements, limiting beliefs and incoherence that has weighed you down, shrouding your perception of what you are truly capable of achieving when you work together as a family.

An ongoing community of families, who like yourself, have the courage and fortitude to see this journey through to its fruition.

A budding new coherence, equilibrium and determination within yourself that begins to reflect in every aspect of your relationships, paving connection, catharsis and peace into the road that leads to being at home with yourself, at home with your family and at home in the world.

After just 8 days together, you and your family will have:

Coherence and change begins within yourself...

Are you ready to ask the questions you need to ask?

Are you ready to be at home with yourself, at home with your family and at home in the world everyday of your lives?

We will:

Be one of just 8 families per retreat, in this limited series of

At Home In The World Family Retreats.


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If you can't join us in person, then consider taking our Free 5 Day Journey Towards Coherence. This is a journey of self-discovery, with practical steps you can take with your family, in your own home, to transform your lives!

Take our 5 day journey towards coherence - FREE!

Learn more about how you can all benefit from being At Home In The World!


Perhaps you would like to explore alternative ways in which you can work or collaborate with us.

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While there is no charge we do ask one thing, that you make a commitment to yourself to show up fully.


The Kaponay Family Journey...

14 years ago, we made a conscious choice to embrace change as the catalyst to creating a life lived together in coherence.

This investment and our subsequent adventures have taken us to over 50 countries on 6 continents.

Along our travels, we noticed the ever encroaching harmful ways stress, overwork, overcommitment and societal narratives, were taking families in separate directions and causing harm and disintegration to the health and well-being of families. COVID19 has also demonstrated now more than ever, why families need to seek their own, more viable and cohesive ways of living and working together.

We longed to share with families what we learned. This was how At Home In The World Family Retreats was born, and its very name embodies every aspect of this possibility as a constant in life.

To be at home with yourself is a vital step to being at home with your family, and at home with the world, no matter where you live.


If you're unable to join us in person with your family or you're not quite ready just yet, we would sincerely like to offer you something we feel will be of great value!

Take our 5 day journey towards coherence - FREE!

Give your family the freedom to live your life together from the heart.


That depends. Is your family at the point where you no longer wish to go back to living the life you have been living up until now? Do you have that inner sense that this moment in time is perhaps the greatest opportunity for you and your family to reimagine what it could be like to be living together coherently and to the fullest? Are you prepared to ask the challenging questions of yourselves, together? Are you prepared to look into the depths of who you are and be ready to potentially let go of the greater part of everything you have believed to be true about yourselves, society and the way the world is? If so, then this event has been intentionally created for you and your family’s needs. You should consider speaking with our family so we can determine together whether attending is the best course of action for your family and ours.

How do I know this retreat is for my family?

What can I expect if I am one of the families attending?

I’ve never been to a family retreat, what differences can I expect?

Can I bring the whole family along?

If my children are very young, is it worth us all attending?

Does this event have any religious or new age affiliations?

Is this a safe environment for my family and I to share our very personal familial situation?

You can expect this retreat to be a learning adventure, which over the course of 8 days, is intended to take you and your family through an exciting, interactive and engaging set of intentionally created games, mini-workshops, meditations and roundtable exercises that are specifically designed and curated to empower you with a self-guided framework towards personal and familial coherence and transformation. We will work with you before the event begins, to ensure that our families will mutually benefit to the maximum potential of the experience.

Our retreats are wholly family-oriented and vegan, and they come complete with integrated adult and children learning experiences. This means that the content that we share with you as adults, will be shared also with you children, only that it will be shared in a playful, fun and natural way, designed specifically to engage your children's imagination and sense of adventure. Nothing is ever watered down, you children are treated with the same respect and care that you will be treated with. You'll have the chance to learn from experts in a range of fields, including wellness, personal development, education and sustainable living. And, of course, you'll have plenty of time to relax, explore, soak in the cultural experiences and make memories with your family and the other families in attendance.

The whole intention of this event is that you attend together with your children. This means that both you and your children will take full roles and an equal stakeholder partnership in all the games, learning experiences and activities. While the retreat is created for maximum interaction and participation for all the family, we have consciously formatted each activity and day to be as fun as possible with games, and frequent breaks encouraged for the necessary reflection, rest and integration to occur. However, there are certain elements to the day which do require the ability to focus attention over the course of a period of an hour to an hour and a half.

Yes, most definitely! What we have to share with you is a self-guided framework of ongoing practice. Once you have attended our learning adventure together and experienced the process first-hand, you will have gained the vital information necessary for you to be able to adapt this experience to your own family’s needs, in the way that it works best for you and your children. This includes how you might adapt this to infants or younger children.

We will also have on offer certain amended activities, learning practises and games that will follow the retreat learning program, but that will cater directly to engaging and bridging the different age groups of children participating, generally organised into ages from (2-6) and (7-12).

No. This learning adventure is not linked to any kind religious group, belief system, new-age philosophy or ideology. It is exactly what it is described as, a Retreat, delivered in a self-guided framework for you and your family to challenge yourselves and your views of your lives today, exploring the potential of a journey that will take you all towards inner and familial coherence. As a family, we respect and honor the sovereignty of all families and their choices in what they choose to believe. We feel we can grow as humanity when we open our hearts and minds to respecting and honoring each other as human beings, including the choices we make, and the beliefs we may or may not share.

Yes, absolutely! We hold the personal well-being and confidentiality of your family’s experience in the highest regard and care. We also have come to learn that this journey, when taken together with other families experiencing similar or resonant experiences, only adds to the richness of what you and your family will learn together, and how, as a community of similar families, you will all grow together.

To ensure we have a complementing and inspirational mix of families in attendance, we work with each family prior to the day of the event to ensure that we all have a good mutual understanding of each other’s situations and expectations.

It is our sincerest intention to create a space for each family to feel the most empowered in their own journey towards inner and familial coherence.

Where and when will the retreats be held?

At Home In The World Family Retreats is embarking on a new series of intimate family retreats that will take place over 8 days commencing in latter half of 2023 and 2024, in Transylvania and Mexico. They will be with our trusted team and a maximum of 8 families, running over the course of 8 days. If you are interested, we suggest that you register your interest as soon as possible, as demand for attending this event will be high. Don't miss out on your chance for a transformative life experience, bringing you and your family closer together in deeper connection and architecting the road ahead for a joyous, meaningful and fulfilling life together.

What are the benefits I can expect to receive from attending?

This is entirely up to you and your family, the mindset and commitment you come with and the effort that you are all willing to invest. For those who make the commitment to themselves—based on the families we have worked with in the past—we have seen genuine life-changing transformations in individual, inner coherence and overall familial coherence. We have seen new directions forged, harmony and family fulfilment prioritised in a new way of living, adventures embarked upon and ideas birthed, along with family ventures and businesses, many that involve all family members taking an active role in contributing meaningfully to the world.

In asking this question, you might also consider asking yourselves: What is it that I am seeking to gain? What is the most important thing to my family now? These questions could give you a deeper insight into what you can expect to receive from our learning adventure.

We believe that if you found your way here, you're ready to take that first step to creating the life you have always envisioned of living with your family. Challenge yourselves...

Take our 5 day journey towards coherence - FREE!

.Ask your first big questions together as a family here.

We acknowledge the Eora Nation and Gadigal People, the Traditional Custodians of the lands on which we live, work and learn. We acknowledge their continuing connection to land, sea and community of Country. We pay respect to them and their Elders past, present and emerging and acknowledge and respect their continuing culture.